Myth busting Trials

Our customer had been of the opinion that induction heating was a complex and costly operation. They had also been advised that uniform heating throughout the work-piece may be a problem due to the “skin effect”, just some of the common myths surrounding induction heating.

The following myth busting video shows our high-powered induction heating system slashing cycle times from >50minutes to <4minutes.

However, power is nothing without control; While our intelligent system is able to exploit the benefits of “skin effect” at the same time it can also overcome its effects when a uniformly heated work-piece is required for example weld pre-heat of heavy wall material.

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Latest weld preheat system testing

Been a busy week for the team, we received an enquiry from a client on Monday asking if we could supply a weld preheat system that would be faster than the one they are currently using.

After doing a few calculations and setting up some equipment in our test area we have completed a series of tests that have far exceeded our clients expectations.

Reducing preheating time, improving the temperature control and extending the heat retention time.